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I help non-techie business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches just like yourself with WEB DESGN, DIGITAL MARKETING and all the TECHY STUFF!

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Featured in:

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

I started this journey in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, when my popular travel blog didn’t bring me joy anymore. To keep my creativity going and fill all my spare time, I decided to start freelancing. Fast forward to this exact moment, I now own a successful online business, work with clients all over the globe 🌎 and teach them how to create their own profitable website as well as coach them and help them with their marketing, strategies and business ideas. 

I’ve always loved marketing, graphic design, Social Media, building websites and learning HTML! I have over ten years of experience with Photoshop, graphic design and website building on different platforms! I used to be a former travel blogger until the pandemic hit and then the traffic died. Before that, I was featured in some of the magazines and also had a few interviews with a local radio!

I do believe that everything you do, no matter the size of your business and brand, without showing your personality the brand can’t be successful. I work with independent shop owners, coaches, restaurant owners and I help them to get their message out there so it not only resonates with their perfect client but also showcases their personality. So, if you need a new website, help with marketing strategy, SEO or email automation, I’m your go-to techy girl for all of that digital mumbo-jumbo. 

Fun Fact:

I’m originally from Slovakia but I moved to England almost eight years ago. That’s why I have that funny ˈaks(ə)nt and can’t pronounce some of the words properly! 😂 Despite that I’m very fortunate to work with clients all around the world who seem to love not only what I do but also my pronunciation! 

I recently launched a few new programs to help non-techy business owners: